Pornography Regulation: The case for Parliamentary reform (2023)

The findings of an inquiry into the pornography trade by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

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Bust the Business Model: How to stop sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in the UK (2021)

This report provides comprehensive evidence of the need for legislative and law enforcement action to reduce demand for sexual exploitation, hold perpetrators to account and provide support, not sanctions, for victims. The report also examines common myths and misinformation about demand reduction legislation.

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Behind Closed Doors: Organised sexual exploitation in England and Wales (2018)

The findings of an inquiry into 'pop-up' brothels by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade.

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How to implement the Sex Buyer Law in the UK: a report by the Commission on the Sex Buyer Law (2016)

This report sets out how to effectively implement a legal approach which criminalises paying for sex but decriminalises selling sex - with the aim of ending demand for prostitution. It was produced by a group of independent commissioners, supported by the End Demand alliance. The report was welcomed and formerly endorsed by the APPG on Prostitution in February 2016.

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Shifting the Burden: Inquiry to assess the operation of the current legal settlement on prostitution in England and Wales (2014)

This report presents the findings of the APPG on Prostitution's inquiry into prostitution laws in England and Wales. The APPG concludes that laws relating to prostitution are "incoherent at best and detrimental at worst". It recommends that the burden of criminality be lifted off those who sell sex and transferred on to those who create the demand for it - the sex buyers.

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